I have been playing music since early childhood. I went to dedicated primary and secondary music schools, where I played the piano, guitar and double bass. Double bass is my main instrument, and I have had the opportunity to play it in multiple bands, including classical ensembles such as Dundee Symphony Orchestra, Tayside Symphony Orchestra, Fife Opera; jazz bands such as The Sellars Brothers Quintet; and acoustic bands: Sooz D'Souza. I passingly flirted with folk and prog-rock, and now I am a member of the Kabaret Bastardo, which is what we call a weird band. Check links for recordings.

I am a proud owner of a very artistic electric double bass, DSDV3, hand sculpted by Piotr Sell. The creation of this beautiful instrument was a wonderful adventure, and I am happy that I could help Piotr in his artistic work.

Due to academic appointments I had to put some of my musical projects on hold, but I hope that in the near future I will be able to develop in playing solo, combining the magic of loopers and effects with the noises I can extract out of my instruments.